Dry Eyes

Tears are produced to keep your eyes lubricated.

Dry Eyes occur when your eyes produce tears of inferior quality to keep your eyes consistently lubricated or if your tears evaporate too quickly.

Tears are made of 3 layers:

  • Mucous layer to keep tears on the eye
  • Aqueous layer which washes away bacteria to protect the cornea
  • Oily layer to keep tears from evaporating too quickly

If these 3 layers are not combined properly in your tear composition, dry eye symptoms can occur. Untreated symptoms lead to increased risk of eye infection, inflammation and other vision problems.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may have dry eye:
1. Stinging, burning sensation in eyes
2. Gritty feeling, like something is in your eye
3. Eye redness
4. Increased light sensitivity
5. Watery eyes
6. Blurred vision
7. Discomfort/ Pain wearing contact lenses

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